Richmond Creche and Kindergarten (RCK) was established by a group of interested citizens to meet the needs of the community. The aim of the creche was to provide care for children whose mothers were compelled to earn their own living, as a result to the absence of a male breadwinner in the family. The creche opened their doors for children on the 9th April 1891 in a small cottage located near Lennox Street Richmond. At that time it was known as Richmond Creche Day Nursery.

On the 8th October 1891, Richmond Creche moved from its original site to Abinger Street, and at this time, the Committee comprised of 23 members, 5 office bearers, an honorary physician, two patrons and a patroness. Depending on the family's situation, some children actually resided at the creche for periods of time under the care of the Matron, and others spending their days here while their parent/s worked.

A lot of changes have evolved since 1891 with the creche 'keeping up with time times', however the fundamentals of our purpose have always remained the same. We are still a Committee operated, community based creche, but our committee members are no longer outside bodies, they are parents of the children attending the creche. We are a non profit organisation, and operate independently - with the exception of the Kinder program, where we do receive Government funding for 4 year olds. We still to this day rely on contributions and donations from the local community and businesses, and it is from their strong commitment to the creche that we have been able to survive and continue to provide this valuable service to families and children of the Richmond area.

At our Annual General Meeting, we welcome back our Life Members who have also played an integral part in our creche, and enjoy reflecting with them how the creche has evolved over time to continually meet the needs of families and children, and also Government regulations and standards.

Richmond Creche and Kindergarten also actively participates in the Accreditation process, and received "High Quality" status at our last review. The staff and Committee of RCK are constantly working towards providing quality care for families and children, and becoming a part of the Richmond Creche community is a positive experience for both children and families alike.