Management Committee

Roles and responsibilities of the Committee of Management

The Committee of Management are responsible for the overall management of the centre. They delegate the daily tasks to the Director who is in charge of the day to day running of the centre. The Committee of Management meet on a monthly basis to discuss the current issues.

President's Role

A large part of the President's role is dealing with people. The president monitors that tasks are being completed and workloads reasonable. It is important that they ensure the tasks of the Committee of Management are carried out in an effective way and in a manner that encourages input and involvement from both users and staff of the service.

Vice President's Role

The Vice President's role is to primarily support the President and in their absence accept the President's role in a temporary capacity.

Secretary's Role

One of the main roles of the Secretary is to ensure that meetings are set up to flow smoothly, and that record keeping processes are in place and functioning.

Treasurer's Role

The overall task of the Treasurer is to monitor the financial affairs of the service and ensure that members are informed of the financial status of the service.

Ordinary Members

The role of the general committee is to assist and support the roles of the office bearers of the committee by fulfilling tasks delegated and ensuring the efficiency of the committee as a whole. They are also required to assist in decision making and offer input into relevant issues that arise from the day to day functioning of the Centre.