Emergency evacuation & fire drill

Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation is an organised and controlled movement of personnel from a threatened or dangerous area, to a safe area, in the minimum possible time and exposing them to the least possible risk.

Evacuation procedures are invoked for fire, flood, bomb threat, hostage, storm and cyclone, toxic emission, air and transport accidents and for any explosion or disruption to essential services.

The evacuation of children will be practiced informally on a regular basis so that in an emergency the children will know exactly what is expected of them. The method of evacuation will depend on the age of the children in each room.

Fire Drill

Fire drill notices are displayed throughout the Creche close to fire extinguishers. Fire Exits will be prominently displayed.

Upon discovery of fire the finder will:

  • Rescue any person in immediate danger and close the door.
  • Call the Fire Brigade on 000 and state the exact location of the fire.
  • Evacuate to assembly point and ensure everybody is accounted for.
  • Attack fire with the appropriate extinguishers only if safe to do so.
  • Remain at the assembly point until advised by the Fire Brigade to return.

At all times during the fire drill the welfare and safety of the children are the primary responsibilities of the staff. The intent should be to avoid panic and suppressing undue alarm or excitement. No child shall be left unattended at any time.

Emergency Exits

Rear - through double gates by nursery room.

Front - through main gate and through double gates leading from kindergarten play area to Abinger Street. Keys for this are in the kindergarten room and in the outside porch area.

Assembly Points

Car Park of Richmond Community Health Centre. From there to the Occupational Therapy Room at the Health Centre. Also car park of flats at the corner of Abinger and Mary Streets.

Contact for Parents

Parents may contact the Richmond Police Station - 9427 1666.

Each staff member will account for his/her own group by checking against the sign in sheet that all children have been evacuated.