Employment at RCK

Employment at RCK

Before employment at RCK, staff undergo a Police Check and references are thoroughly screened to assess the suitability of an impending new staff member.

An orientation process for all new staff has been devised, which involves the Centre Director or Assistant Director to go through the Centre's policies and procedures, a 'tour' of the Centre showing staff where items are stored and introducing them to all staff. The new staff member has the opportunity to ask any questions, and a review would be conducted within a three month period with the Centre Director to discuss any concerns / thoughts that have arisen within this time.

All staff participate in an annual appraisal with the Centre Director and a member of the Committee of Management. From this, goals are set for each individual and the team as a whole, and staff development opportunities are offered to all staff to further extend and develop knowledge within the Early Education and Care field.

One compulsory staff development session is that of upgrading and renewing their First Aid certificate. All of our staff members are qualified First Aid officers.

The team at RCK, as a whole, devised a staff philosophy that links in with the Centre's philosophy and work in conjunction with one another

  • Richmond Creche & Kindergarten provides a supportive and flexible environment for staff with teamwork and mutual respect for co-workers being central qualities.
  • Richmond Creche & Kindergarten encourages equality (no hierarchy), sharing of duties and valuing of individual's input and opinions. All staff members, regardless of age, gender, qualifications or experience should expect to be treated with the same degree of respect. We believe this leads to a cohesive team and a relaxed and enjoyable work atmosphere.
  • We value working together as a team and supporting each other in improving our skills and overcoming problems. We promote constructive communication, open-mindedness and willingness to listen, discuss and try new ideas. We aim for an environment where staff support, praise and encourage each other and where criticism is offered, it is done in a constructive manner and designed to lead to professional growth.