Our team

Our Team

The team at Richmond Crèche and Kindergarten are a diverse group of Educators who bring with them a common goal of providing quality care for children, in order to educate and nurture all children to their optimal level. The team comprises of 26 staff members ranging in age, gender, and background, and each member brings with them years of experience in Early Education and Care settings.


Leadership Team

Our current Leadership Team consists of our Committee of Management, Centre Director, Assistant Director and two Educational Leaders.

A unique aspect of our leadership team is the shared role of our two Educational Leaders; the qualities that we view as being important in all of our leadership roles include:

  • A keen interest in early childhood curriculum and a willingness to research and investigate new thinking about children’s learning
  • A commitment to building trusting relationships with educators that enable open and constructive conversations about curriculum
  • A leadership style that recognises the diversity of experiences, backgrounds and contributions that educators bring to their work with children

The way in which the members of our leadership team work with our educators varies considerably according to the needs and interest of each educator and as our Service Leaders have a variety of leadership and mentoring styles, this ensures our team receives the positive benefits we aim to achieve through our Leadership structure.


Nikkita – Director

Nikkita has over 10 years’ experience in Early Education and Care Services and over this time has worked with children aged 0 – 5 years, in the kitchen, office administration and in leadership positions. Nikkita holds an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services and all other mandatory training including Anaphylaxis Awareness, Emergency Asthma Management, First Aid, CPR and a Food Safety Supervisor certificate.

“I believe and acknowledge that children come from diverse family backgrounds. This gives each child the chance to gain a better understanding of those around them while still acknowledging their similarities and differences. Children are unique and bring with them their own strengths and abilities which should be encouraged, celebrated and nurtured. I believe in creating a non-biased atmosphere that encourages the child’s initiative, independence, self-esteem; and I warmly welcome their immediate and extended family to our service”


Nicole – Assistant Director

Nicole has worked in the Early Childhood industry for well over 10 years with experience in centres both interstate and internationally. In this time she has completed a Diploma of Children’s Services and is currently studying her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) online at Swinburne University. Nicole has completed all mandatory training including First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training.

“I have been working at Richmond Crèche and Kindergarten for almost 4 years and in that time I have had many roles. I began as Room Leader in the Grasshopper room and have since become Assistant Director. As Assistant Director I work closely with the Centre Director to ensure the smooth daily running of the crèche. I love my role as Assistant Director because I fulfil a diverse range of duties. I will be working in the office one day and the next in the rooms with the children; I also work closely with parents as a member of different sub committees. I believe children learn best when they are actively engaged in interest based play. I believe educators support children best when they thoughtfully scaffold learning and purposely intentionally teach”


Teresa – Co Educational Leader

After completing a BA in psychology in New Zealand Teresa completed a post grad diploma in Primary teaching. However after teaching early childhood in South Korea, China and the Czech Republic she had fallen in love with the Early Childhood sector. Since moving to Australia a decade ago Teresa has gained her Diploma of Children’s Services and is currently completing a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. She has worked at RCK for 8 years.

“Although strongly influenced by the Reggio inspired view of young children as competent and capable learners I love the quote by Maria Montessori that suggests, “The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” My happiest days are those when the children, my co-workers and I lose track of time because we are so deeply engaged in what we’re doing whether it be learning about colour mixing or constructing something new or discovering interesting things to do with sand and water or researching a topic that had made us wonder why. I believe children learn best when they are an active participant within their own learning and are given the opportunity to explore, discover and do. As John Dewey wrote, “Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results””


Hayley – Co Educational Leader

Hayley has over 10 Years’ experience working in the Early Education and Care industry; she has worked in various roles and positions with children aged 0—5, including Leadership roles and the Food Service Area within our centre. Hayley holds a Diploma in Children’s Services and a Graduate Diploma in Pre-natal and Post-natal family support. She commenced working at Richmond Crèche and Kindergarten in 2007. She began her time here as a student in our Nursery room and from there she quickly progressed to one of our permanent educators and has worked in various roles and educating spaces at RCK ever since.

“I have a passion for learning and being in the moment. It is so important to be active and reflective when designing and delivering programs for young children. Children, even very young children are often more competent, more intelligent, more capable than they are perceived or understood to be. I want to foster children’s intelligence, capabilities, independence and their love of learning. I encourage their independence and learning by providing an environment of activities and materials which children can use at their own pace”