RCK recognises the limits on parents/guardians time but we do encourage a partnership between yourself and the Edcuators caring for your child. Your involvement in your child's life at the creche creates all sorts of benefits for you, your child and the creche. Parents/guardians are most welcome to visit their child at the creche and to telephone during the day should they have any concerns.

Ongoing Communication

Communication each day with staff is of the utmost importance. It is advisable to inform Educators or the Director of any changes to the child's routines and family situations, as they arise, as this helps provide an understanding by staff of any changes to the child's behavior.


A monthly newsletter is provided to parents/guardians which contains general information, programs, highlights, activities and parent and children's issues. If you would like to contribute something to the newsletter please let the Director know. It is important to read your newsletter, as it is the main communication tool between you and the Centre. Newsletters will be emailed to all families and posted on the centres private Facebook Group.  

Allocation of lockers

After enrolment all children are allocated a locker for personal items and artwork. We believe children have the right to access their belongings throughout the day so the lockers are accessible to the children at all times. Please ensure everything in the bag is named and any kind of food or medication removed and provided to room educators.

Library Information

The creche has a Library that includes books, videos, pamphlets and brochures covering a range of childcare, parenting and related family issues and parents are encouraged to borrow these items from the crèche.