Children's dress

Children should be dressed in play clothes so there will not be a problem about spoiling good clothes. As children are encouraged to be as independent as possible, it is a good idea to dress them (toddlers and kinder children) in clothing that can be easily removed for toileting and rest times.

A complete set of spare clothes must be provided daily, with extra items to cater for temperature changes. All items should be named to avoid loss. A hat is needed for hot and sunny days as well as cold days.

At least two sets of clothes are needed for babies. Cloth nappies are used by the creche so only a disposable nappy for the child to go home in is required. If disposable nappies are preferred, these are to be supplied by the parent/guardian.

Shoes need to be well fitting, comfortable and suitable for outdoor play and climbing. Thongs and plastic "jelly" sandals do not provide a suitable grip for outdoor play and are not encouraged to be worn at the centre.

Long hair should be tied back.