Fees & additional charges

Current Fees

Full week$515.00

Fees are payable two weeks in advance and can be paid by Internet banking, EFTPOS or credit card.

A statement of account advising receipts and expenditure will be issued every second Tuesday. Fees are payable during absences including public holidays and illness. Where a family currently holds a place or places for children at the creche and are planning a period of extended leave then full fees will be required to maintain that place.

It is vital to the running of the centre that fees are paid on time. If parents are having difficulty in meeting the fee charge they must immediately discuss the situation with the Director. The Committee of Management has determined that initial follow up action on unpaid fees will be taken by the Director. The Director and a committee member will follow up action beyond this.

If fees are owed in excess of two weeks (i.e. two weeks actual care and two weeks in advance), the child cannot attend the centre until the outstanding account is settled. The Director reserves the right to allocate the vacant place to the next child on the waiting list.

When a family is discontinuing their use of the creche or intends to alter the hours utilised, a notice period of four weeks is required. The Director is to be advised in writing of the change at least four weeks prior to the date.

Late Collection of Children

Lateness relates to the collection of children after 6.00pm. A parent is required to notify the creche of their lateness. Should this lateness result in the child being collected after closing time alternative collection arrangements should be made or if not possible, the following late fees will apply:

First time$1.00 per minute
Second time$5.00 per minute
Third time$10.00 per minute
Fourth time$15.00 per minute

These charges are for a 12 month period and must be paid immediately on collection of your child and they will be receipted separately.

Grounds & Maintenance Levy

A Grounds & Maintenance Levy of $100.00 a family will be billed twice a year (July & November). Alternatively, during the year a number of working bees will be scheduled for general maintenance and housekeeping at the centre. Attendance at a minimum of one working bee every six months will exclude families from paying this levy.

If attendance is not possible on the scheduled day then alternative arrangements can be made with the Director. An example of this work would be taking broken equipment home to repair, coming into the centre during opening hours. However, if you are unable to participate in either of these options then the levy will be charged.