Sun protection

This Sun Smart policy aims to ensure that all children attending Richmond Creche and Kindergarten are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun. Sun exposure in the first 15 years of life contributes significantly to the lifetime and risk of skin cancer. It is to be implemented throughout the year, but with particular emphasis from September through to April when UV radiation is most intense in Victoria.

The Centre will require parents/carers supply their children with hats and appropriate clothing that protect their face, neck, ears and shoulders ie. legionnaire or broad-brimmed hats, shirts and dresses that cover the shoulders, shirts with collars and elbow- length sleeves, longer style shorts and skirts.

Children are to wear hats whenever they are outside. If one is not available then the child/ren will need to stay inside or under shade. The centre has  broad-brimmed hats for sale. If a child regularly does not bring a hat to crèche, then the centre will purchase a RCK hat on your behalf and the cost will be added onto your next account.

SPF30+, broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen will be provided for staff and children's use and applied at least 20 minutes before going outside. From September through to the end of April, parents/carers should ensure children have sunscreen applied prior to arrival at the Centre. If sunscreen has not been applied, the parent/carer must inform Centre staff on arrival.

Children will be encouraged to use available areas of shade for outdoor play activity. The Committee of Management will ensure there is a sufficient number of shelters and trees providing shade in the Centre grounds. Excursions and other outdoor activities will be scheduled before 11am and after 3pm, daylight saving time (10am - 2pm at other times) whenever possible. The availability of shade will be considered when planning excursions and outdoor activities.

Staff will act as role models by:

  • Wearing appropriate hats and clothing outdoors
  • Using SPF30+* sunscreen for skin protection
  • Seeking shade whenever possible
  • Learning about skin and ways to protect skin from the sun will be incorporated into programmed activities.

The sun care policy will be reinforced in a positive way through displays, parent newsletters, notice boards and meeting. Staff and parents will be provided with educational material on sun protection. Routines may change to meet the needs of children.