Your contribution

Working Bees/Maintenance

During the year a number of working bees will be scheduled for general maintenance and housekeeping at the centre. Attendance at a minimum of one working bee every six months otherwise the $100.00 levy will be charged. If attendance is not possible on the scheduled day then alternative arrangements can be made with the co-ordinator e.g. taking broken equipment home to repair, coming into the centre during opening hours. However, if you are unable to participate in either of these options then the levy will be charged. 

The Events Committee

As a not for profit centre we rely heavily on involvement from parents. The Events committee is a group of parents that get together to organise social events and Fundraising opportunities for the crèche. We are always looking for volunteers. If you can help please get in touch with the Director.

Additional Activities

Other opportunities for parents / guardians involvement with the Creche include assisting with excursions, sharing personal creative skills, attending parent meetings and information evenings, participating in organised workshops and becoming a member of one of our committees.