Sustainability Committee

Environmental sustainability at RCK

At RCK, we acknowledge and understand the immense importance of the natural environment in children’s learning and development. We value our outdoor spaces and view them as unique learning and play spaces that offer an abundance of different opportunities and possibilities for children to explore and investigate their connection to nature. We utilise our natural spaces to their full potential by investing a lot of planning time, energy and resources in to our outdoor areas and by providing a wide variety of experiences that nurture children’s interest and awe of the natural world.

As a staff group we are fully aware of our important role of being positive role models for the children who attend RCK every day and we take this responsibility very seriously. By adopting some simple practices in to our daily routines, and discussing with the children as to how and why we do such things, we are aiming to inspire the children to become active environmental ambassadors. Some of these practices include:


  • Conserving mains water and collecting rain water
  • Conserving energy
  • Reducing food wastage and talking about the value of food
  • Reusing products and art supplies; recycling cardboard, paper and plastic
  • Gardening, keeping a worm farm; growing fruits and vegetables and then harvesting and cooking them
  • Offering a cloth nappy service
  • Using clothes horses to dry washing
  • Introducing the use of cloth hand towels instead of paper hand towels
  • Using natural cleaning products and recycled paper products
  • Being conscious of our rate of consumption (and working towards changing this)


RCK is a member of the following groups/organisations:

Environmental Education in Early Childhood (EEEC):EECC is a non-profit organisation that provides support, resources and professional development in relation to Education for Sustainability in the Early Years.

Yarra Project Zero:Run by the City of Yarra, Yarra Project Zero aims to help everyonewho lives, works, studies or volunteers in the City of Yarra to build a community where we are leading the way in sustainable living and working, and in developing innovative solutions.

Resource Smart AuSSI Vic in early childhood (pilot program)
: RCK are lucky to be one of nine early childhood centres in Victoria to participate in the Resource Smart pilot program, providing a valuable opportunity to share what we are doing, engage many resources that are available, be leaders and have a say on sustainability practices and education in early childhood.